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The human brain contains billions of individual nerve cells called neurons. Selective loss of neurons – often referred to as “nerve cell death” – in critical brain regions is the hallmark of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s. This nerve cell death occurs over many years and inevitably results in specific signs and symptoms, such as lack of movements (Parkinson's disease) or muscular atrophy (ALS). The exact pathological mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases remain unknown at this time. The few treatment options available today are largely ineffective and at best only slow the inevitable progression of the disease. In some cases, no therapeutic solution exists for patients afflicted with disease.

Neurome is leveraging its leading-edge suite of proprietary technologies, collective expertise, and a network of partnerships in the discovery and development of therapeutics to treat devastating neurodegenerative diseases. A deep understanding of the biological basis of disease has enabled Neurome to gain greater insight into the pathological mechanisms associated with these neurodegenerative diseases. By discovering novel targets in the CNS that play a role in those mechanisms, Neurome can translate this understanding into a pipeline of therapeutic compounds to address areas of critically unmet medical need.

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