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Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Floyd E. Bloom, M.D.
Founding Chief Executive Officer
(858) 677-0466

Neurome Announces Research Collaboration with La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company

Collaboration to Pursue Investigation of CNS Effects Often Found in Patients with Lupus

LA JOLLA, CA - Neurome, Inc. announced today it has established a research collaboration with La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (Nasdaq: LJPC). The collaboration, which will focus on the investigation of proteins in the brain that selectively bind antibodies to double-stranded DNA found in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), combines Neurome's proprietary technologies with La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company's experience in discovering and developing innovative therapeutics to treat the underlying causes of antibody-mediated diseases. This agreement represents the parties' first collaboration together.

The collaboration will leverage Neurome's extensive experience in Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases and proprietary technologies (the Neurome Technologies) to provide La Jolla with information on the potential targets in the Central Nervous System (CNS) affected by the autoimmune disorder called lupus. Financial terms were not disclosed.

"The Central Nervous System complications associated with lupus can be very debilitating, yet we do not know what causes them. Neurome is pleased to enter into a collaboration with La Jolla directed at this important, yet poorly understood, neurological syndrome," said Floyd E. Bloom, M.D., Founding CEO and Chairman of the Board of Neurome and Chairman of the Department of Neuropharmacology at The Scripps Research Institute.

"The combination of neuroscience expertise and cutting-edge technologies make Neurome an excellent partner for this project," commented Matthew D. Linnik, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Research at La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company. "We are delighted to be working with Neurome to uncover more details about the potential role of antibodies in the CNS manifestations of lupus."

Warren G. Young, Ph.D., President and Chief Technology Officer at Neurome added, "Neurome possesses unique technologies for visualizing and measuring subtle changes in the Central Nervous System. These sensitive methods have revealed subtle shifts in gene expression patterns in other neuropathologies, such as Alzheimer's disease. This collaboration with La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company extends the application of the Neurome Technologies to research on another devastating illness: lupus. I believe the medical expertise at La Jolla and the research tools at Neurome are a perfect match on the road to developing effective therapeutic interventions."

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body harms its own healthy cells and tissues, leading to inflammation and damage of various body tissues. A complex disease whose cause is unknown, lupus can affect many parts of the body, including the joints, kidneys, heart, lungs and central nervous system. When the disease affects the brain and central nervous system, it may result in headaches, dizziness, memory disturbances, vision problems, seizures, stroke and changes in behavior. There is no known cure for lupus, which is currently estimated by the Lupus Foundation of America to affect at least 1.4 million Americans. Lupus occurs ten to 15 times more frequently among adult females than among adult males.

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Neurome, Inc., develops standardized, quantitative databases that accurately depict and integrate gene expression patterns in the three-dimensional context of the brain's structures, circuits, and cells, and deploys these databases in primary research directed toward the discovery and development of gene targets for enhancement of brain function and treatment of brain-based disease. Neurome performs contract brain research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies while at the same time pursuing its own in-house and collaborative research protocols. The data collected from these efforts will populate an evolving, comprehensive database available by subscription and useful on a broad level for analyses of mouse models of brain function and disease. In this regard, the application of the Neurome Technologies will provide rigorous, quantitative data that are optimally suited to the measurement of subtle cell-type specific shifts in gene expression, as well as progression and prevention of degenerative events affecting specific cell classes and brain regions.

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