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10/24/05 Floyd E. Bloom Wins 2005 Sarnat Prize in Mental Health (PDF, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3)
05/14/04 (Alzheimer Research Forum) - Get Out the Rulers—Stunted Dendrites May Flag Early Alzheimer's
02/25/04 (San Diego Union Tribune) - Taiwan Seeks San Diego Biotech Ties
09/22/03 (BioCentury) - Emerging Company Profile (PDF)
07/10/03 (Wallstreet Reporter) - Corporate Profile (audio interview with Dr. Floyd E. Bloom)
07/10/03 (Wallstreet Reporter) - Corporate Profile (PDF transcript of audio interview with Dr. Floyd E. Bloom)
06/13/03 (San Diego Union Tribune Business Section) - Of mice and men and diseases: Firm rethinking brain research
06/13/03 (Science) PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS - Science as a Way of Life: Perplexities of a Physician-Scientist (PDF)
05/06/03 (New York Times) A Zealous Quest for Chemicals to Heal Ailing Brains
04/18/03 (BioWorld) Neurome Scientists Try Method For Viewing Alzheimer's Brain Tissues - Eventually Pre-Mortem (PDF)
04/15/03 (BioIT World) Neuroscientists have better tools on the brain
03/01/03 (The Golden Triangle Business News) Spotlight on Neurome (PDF)
12/05/02 (APC in Action) InfraStruXure Protects Brain Research at Neurome, Inc.
11/21/02 (InternetWeek) Report Rekindles Open Source vs. Microsoft Security Debate
10/24/02 (San Francisco Chronicle) HP's tech hope Supercomputers for science
08/26/02 (Science News Week) Supersize IT: From Megabytes to Petabytes
08/11/02 (Information Week) Linux Boosting
08/07/02 (Byte and Switch) Of Mice Brains and IBM
08/05/02 (AtNewYork.com) IBM Makes Life Science Push
07/03/02 (Bio-IT World) Neurome goes with 'big iron' from Big Blue for mice brain research
2002 (Neuro Tech Reports) Brain Projects to Reap Dividends for Neurotech Firms
12/16/01 (The Dana Foundation) The Genome's Possible Impact of Disease Research
11/03/00 (The Scientist) New companies to commercialise neuroscience discoveries
10/22/00 (North County Times) Torrey Pines home to world's fast-growing biomedical communities

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