//Mercury GSE//
Cerritos, CA

Mercury GSE is one of the leading providers
of new and used ground support
equipment for airlines worldwide.

//GlySens Incorporated//
San Diego, CA

GlySens is a privately held medical devices company
that is developing implantable glucose monitors for
patients with diabetes.

//Fibroids: A Gynecologist's Second Opinion//
Santa Monica, CA
This web site is a leading resource of medical
information and treatment options for women
suffering from uterine fibroids

//Neurome, Inc.//
La Jolla, CA

Neurome is a biotechnology services company
specializing in the creation of digital 3D atlases of
gene expression in the brain.

//A Gynecologist's Second Opinion//
Santa Monica, CA
A very popular online resource for information about
treatment options for common gynecologic problems.

//Dr. Amy E. Rosenman//
Santa Monica, CA
Dr. Rosenman is a Urogynecologist in private practice.

This web site details current and ongoing
research on ovarian cancer and hysterectomies

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